The story of Rox Star Sailboat begins with the arrival of Alain Meylan from the leading architectures of Switzerland to Bodrum Oğuz Marin firm, with dream of a sailboat to cruise all around the world. As the boat in the dreams of Dear Meylan was a sailboat, besides it should have to provide the comfort of a motor yacht. As it would be the leading sailboats of the world with its performance, it shouldn’t cause to search for a motor yacht by the machine performance.

The project stage of the Rox Star boat has begun with this principle. Particular importance was given to maximum safety, maximum performance and maximum elegance during the design stage of the boat.By this means, the dream boat which has been realized nowadays, while the machines can make 15 knot speed (12 knots at 1600 rpm at normal sailing), it can also provide 18 knot sailing performance at 30 knots wind. Rox Star owns a performance to satisfy both the owner and the producer for “a boat of 40 meters and 220 tons”. The interior design of our boat has been prepared based to Rock Music concept by the extraordinary architect firm K-Artitect in Switzerland and is providing a different pleasure to its guests.

Rox Star has the capacity of 10 passengers with 1 Master, 4 Vip quest cabins.Also there are 3 extremely comfortable crew cabins for crews consisting of 6 people. There are dining tables providing a comfortable dinner for the passengers at both saloon and the tween deck. Also for the boat crew an extremely comfortable crew resting area has been positioned in the kitchen. The 60 M2 quietly wide saloon has been designed to provide all kinds of comfort to the guests. The wide skylights placed in the Saloon and Master cabin are providing a much more spacious atmosphere. The saloon planning has been made in a form to provide the passenger to easily watch the scenery while sitting in the saloon.

In the Master cabin a special designed floor heating Turkish bath and steam room is available. The special marble used in the Turkish bath and all baths and the engraving of the vessels of this marble is a design and workmanship wonder. Also the special designed changing room is only one of the extraordinary features of the boat. It is possible to reach the beach placed at back of the garage section via a corridor without visiting the saloon or deck after exiting the master cabin placed in the front of the boat. Right alongside of the extreme comfort for the boat guests with a corridor at the height of 2 meters; it is giving an opportunity to carry out their works without disturbing the guests in the saloon.

There is no doubt that the most important innovation making the “Rox Star” boat special is the opening rear cover. This very difficult door system application in sailing boats has been successfully applied in Rox Star. When this cover placed in the garage section is opened, it turns into a beach and is providing a unique pleasure to the guests. Also the garage section has the capacity to host both the diving gears and 2 Jet ski.

The kitchen of the Rox Star boat is one of the areas to be mentioned about. It is providing 5 star hotel comfort in the sea with 3 ovens, special designed cold room, wine cupboard, dish heater, salamander and wide usage area. The meals prepared in the kitchen are serviced to the guests upstairs with a special production hydraulic kitchen elevator.By this means the service is much more quick and safe.

Some additional features planned by our shipyard in the Rox Star boat are these; elevated television in the saloon, automatic saloon door produced from stainless material, watching television from the giant screen and a projector placed in the tween decks for making presentations, steering consoles produced from Carbon fiber materials and Aluminum masts.

The Rox Star boat has been built according to rules of Malta charter class flag under supervision of Italian survey Rina and safety has been thought down to last detail. Safety has remained in the forefront at each section from the engine room to the kitchen, from the cabins to the garage section.

Technical Details

  • Type
  • Sailing Yacht (SY/Ketch)
  • Hull
  • Steel
  • Fuel Capacity
  • 15 M3
  • Lenght Over All (LOA)
  • 39.9m (130ft)
  • -
  • Beam
  • 9.2m (30ft)
  • Draft
  • 3.5m (11ft)
  • Engine(s)
  • 1,120 HP Man Diesel
  • Sails
  • 1,320 m2
  • Generator Set
  • 2 x 33kW + 1 x 17.5kW
  • Year Built
  • 2015
  • Cabins
  • 5
  • CREW
  • 6
  • Speed
  • 14 Knots

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