The best men, the best work, the best materials........

  • Steel Construction

  • We are building hulls from A or AH grade Class approved  steel sand blasted and shop primed interior & exterior. Plates are cut with laser CNC cutting machines from nesting plans.  Construction is performed by certified welders arc and MIG certified.

  • Aluminium Construction

  • Marine grade ASA 5083 (AlMg4.5) Aluminium alloy, H321, H311, H11 extrusions.  Plates will be cut with CNC cutting machines according to nesting plan. Construction will be done by certified welders with double pulse MIG welding machines

  • Wood Construction Classic (Carvel planking) or Modern (Epoxy Laminated)

  • The specifications, Designer & shipyard are the 3 pillars of any yacht  building project. In Bodrum &  with the assistance of a surveyor the yacht then will later  compete  on the International market & will possibly pretend to substantial after sale benefits.

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